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About Us

Land Venture Partners, LLC. is a Florida Real Estate development company servicing the Southwest Florida market. We are focused on building residential single family homes on scattered lots in Charlotte County, Florida


As the developer, we buy the building lots, we perform all of the pre-construction services, we provide the general contractor (our channel partner), we fund the entire construction process and we handle the sale of the home. Our experienced builders build and deliver the homes on schedule every time. We are truly your one stop, dependable builder partner. 

We offer complete building plans that can be viewed by clicking the HOUSE PLANS tab on the website. We understand the retail market and have the perfect house designs that we have built with great success.

Once the homes are built, we sell our home in two markets 1) To investment funds (Real Estate Investment Trust) looking for BUILD-FOR-RENT houses for their portfolios and 2) On the open retail market.

We believe having a large inventory of building lots is the key to running a long term construction program. We understand that having the right building lots, in the right location, that meet all the right building criteria, at the right price, is critical to maximize the investment yield on the property.

Do you have some lots you want to trade, sell or apply towards a buying a house? We are ready to make a deal. The life blood of our business is the land and we are always looking for great lots that meet all of the build criteria. 

We want to be your build partner and would like to invite you to call our office to explore the opportunities we offer. 

Meet the Team

Land Venture Partners is a new strategic partnership formed in 2021 that combines experienced real estate professionals who all bring their own unique values.

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